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Thorpe Park Resort is an island like no other and home to some of the most thrilling rides in the UK – from dizzying rollercoasters and dis-orientating flat rides, to a unique Ghost Train which will leave you questioning your reality. But that’s not all, the Island is also home to some family favourites too, so whether you want to join those Angry Birds on an adventure, or experience some unique thrills, our comprehensive Resort Guide will help you explore all the Resort has to offer.

Thrill Rides

Like being spun, swung and held upside down? Well Thorpe Parks impressive selection of thrill rides can do just that!

Family Rides

Thorpe Park Resort has a small selection of attractions for those not ready for the bigger thrills.

Other Attractions

Thorpe Park Resort has a whole host of attractions which don’t fit into the categories defined above, including show venues, paddling pools and escape games.

Thorpe Shark Hotel

Stay overnight in this unique shipping container hotel.