LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has submitted plans for an all new Haunted House attraction. Located in the northern part of the site, the all new attraction will be situated to the south east of the ‘Boating School’ and ‘Driving School’.

Described in plans as a ‘Haunted House Ride Experience’ visitors will enter the new attraction through a themed queue line featuring a graveyard and spider’s web, before entering from the front entrance which will replicate a traditional haunted house and be based on the current LEGO ‘Monster Fighters’ brand. Once inside, guests will experience a 10 metre drop tower ride experience . In order to accommodate the new attraction a range of landscaping works will be carried out including the widening of existing footpaths.

It is expected that the ride will be a clone of the “Ghost: The Haunted House” experience that opened at LEGOLAND Billund earlier this year. The building exterior looks set to be identical based on the plans submitted. We have included the plans at the bottom of this article, along with a photo of Ghost, courtesy of LEGOLAND Billund.

It is anticipated that the proposals will be given the go ahead as the site for the new attractions is within a pre-agreed major development site. If approved it is expected the new ride will open in March 2015.


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interior  park overview