29 10, 2003

Fright Nights Finish the Season

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It is now confirmed that Samurai from Chessington will keep the same name at Thorpe. It will bring more variation to the Lost City, that's for sure.Fright Nights 2003 was once again a successful event.  Both mazes were improved upon for this year, especially the Freezer - has new theming

19 10, 2003

Calgary Stampede Closed and Other News

2015-01-03T17:38:19+00:00October 19th, 2003|

Calgary Stampede has recently closed for the season and is being deconstructed; notice the fairground style control box that was disguised! Signs have gone up on the entry bridge to advertise the new ride for 2004. Photos show the refurbished Fish and Chips unit in Amity Cove. Lastly Freezer is

24 08, 2003

Medium Term Development Plan

2015-01-03T17:37:13+00:00August 24th, 2003|

On 20th August 2003, Thorpe Park submitted a Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP)  to Runnymede council. The plan sets out the vision for development at the park until 2009, and provides the framework within which more detailed planning applications will follow. Please note that the plans can be found on

20 07, 2003


2015-01-03T17:35:23+00:00July 20th, 2003|

Despite many rumours over the last couple of years, it is now confirmed that Samurai, the superb Mondial Topscan from Chessington will be moving to Thorpe Park. The ride will replace the aging Calgary Stampede and be themed accordingly with the Lost City. This controversial move strengthens the target markets

6 04, 2003

Opening Day

2015-01-03T17:34:03+00:00April 6th, 2003|

Premier Screaming and opening day were both a huge success. Friday evening was much busier than last year, and Saturday attracted over 11,000 people to the park. Nemesis Inferno waiting time peaked at an hour and a half, while Colossus had over a three hour queue due to one train

25 02, 2003

New Season Update

2015-01-03T17:32:25+00:00February 25th, 2003|

As Nemesis Inferno and the 2003 season approaches, here is a pre-season update. The first two photos show the construction of the new Extreme Games area - built on the former site of nice landscaped pirates eating area, shame. Colossus's lift supports have been power washed to remove the oil