Ever wanted to know how the magic is created? How things work? Or just wanted to see somewhere you cant? Here are a few pictures taken in the closed season of 2004, showing rides in maintenance, operator control booths and some obscure views.

The Workshop

Firstly we will start with the Engineering workshop, located at the front of the park near North Admissions. This is where parts for rides are worked on – being out the weather, with more resources available than in the park. Throughout the closed season, rides are completely stripped down and checked to make sure all parts are 100% safe for guests.

Tomb Blaster / Terror Tomb

The first picture shows the Tomb Blaster controls. Next three were taken in the middle of the Tomb, in a small cupboard behind a scene – the original models and animatronics from Terror Tomb lay at rest here.


Various bits of maintenance from across the park plus shots of areas you don’t normally get to see.