Direct from the SouthParks Archive, these photos show some of Thorpe Parks attractions from areas not normally seen by the general public.

Nemesis Inferno

A look at the ‘Inferno’ inside Nemesis Inferno, the method of producing the volcanic glow has changed a few times throughout the years but the overall effect remains largely the same today.

3D Freakshow

The 3D Freakshow debuted alongside The Freezer as part of the original ‘Fright Nites’ event in 2002 and featured twisted scenes brought to life with 3D Glasses.  This attraction closed in 2006, today you can find ‘The Cabin In The Woods’ in its place.

X: No Way Out

X:\ No Way Out was the worlds first backwards in the dark rollercoaster and featured a variety of effects designed to disorientate riders, including mist, wind, strobe lights  and sudden stops and starts.  This ride went through a series of rethemes and is now known simply as ‘X’ with the trains turned forward and a sporting a nightclub style theme it is almost unrecognisable from its original incarnation.

Loggers Leap

Loggers Leap’s first drop was enclosed up until 2013 when the roof was removed due to structural issues. The darkness led many to believe the drop was much larger than it actually was.


Lastly a few miscellaneous photos from around the park. Firstly inside ‘The Freezer’ the other debuting Fright Nites attraction from 2002, this has since been rethemed into ‘The Asylum’ in 2006 and then ‘Studio 13’ in 2014. Secondly we have a shot of Rumba Rapids when fully drained and showing the pipes used to create the rapids effect. Lastly a view from Canada Creek Railway that has changed dramatically with the addition of Samurai in 2004 and SAW – The Ride in 2009.