In September 2019, Chessington submitted plans to install a new Egyptian themed drop tower ride to replace Rameses Revenge. The central theming feature will be a wide open-mouthed crocodile head, situated around the tower to make it appear that guests are plummeting into the crocodile’s open mouth. It is expected that the attraction will be called ‘Croc Drop’ following the submission of a UK trademark application by Merlin Attractions Operations Limited in July 2020.

1st November 2020

Major progress has been made since our last update, with the breeze block walls of the building rendered and themed with an Egyptian style to match the surroundings of Forbidden Kingdom. Intricate details have been painted on to the structure, featuring murals, patterns and hieroglyphics. Guests will enter the loading area through an imposing doorway at the front of the building, which features a mural above the queue line based on the Eye of Horus, and two murals of a figure with a crocodile’s head and human’s body, thought to be Sobek; the ancient Egyptian God of the Nile. As shown in the initial plans, the large crocodile mouth that will surround the drop tower is currently being constructed in sections above the building.

23rd August 2020

Rising from the newly poured concrete foundation is the steel structure that will surround the drop tower. On the side, a breeze block wall is being formed to enclose the building, with the queue line entrance now visible at the front. Inside the new building, sectioned off rooms have been created which we assume will house the ride computers and operator’s console.