Revisit the construction of the Intamin 10-inversion rollercoaster, Colossus, which opened in 2002 as Thorpe Park’s first major coaster.

1st November 2000

A look across the construction site, and a Rollercoaster Tycoon recreation of what the ride would be like.

4th December 2000

Huge metal piles were being driven in to the ground for the cobra roll trench. A model was installed at the edge of the construction site, providing guests with an insight in to what the finished attraction will look.

7th January 2001

Intensive ground work is underway, with a strong retaining wall between the construction area and X:\ No Way Out.

26th January 2001

Another look across the water at the goings on of the construction site.

6th February 2001

Concrete structures are now visible on the left of the site. The queue line will pass through the dark blue tunnel.

22nd February 2001

The majority of the footers are complete, and work is continuing on the trench for the cobra roll.

15th March 2001

Groundwork continues, with the bases for the footers on the bridge now poured.

6th April 2001

The first photo clearly shows the lift hill footers, with the raised walkway bridge coming together too.

16th May 2001

The concrete bridge now has pathways leading up to it.