Follow the construction of the Maurer Söhne spinning coaster, Dragon’s Fury, ahead of its opening in the 2004 season.

14th March 2003

The first stage in construction was to re-route and shorten Toadie’s Crazy Cars, in order to clear the area that would be used for Dragon’s Fury’s station building.

9th June 2003

Hoarding is put up around the site and a temporary path has been created next to Toadie’s Crazy Cars for easier access to Beanoland and Mystic East. Action Man has started to be dismantled.

31st October 2003

The majority of the coaster foundations have now been laid, and initial steelwork has arrived. Work is on target for the opening on March 27th 2004. The last two photos were taken on 01/11/03.

24th November 2003

Since the last update, the lift hill, helix, and block 3 section has been built. They are not constructing the coaster in ride order due to accessibility reasons.

8th December 2003

Approximately half the coaster is now complete. It can also be seen that the structure of the large play area building is going up.

19th December 2003

With some of the larger sections of the ride now complete, it is proven that Dragon’s Fury will not be a tame coaster. Track wise, only the drop, Immelmann turn and section after is left to construct.

12th January 2004

Only the first drop is left to be erected. The world’s largest Immelmann turn is now complete, dwarfing the one on Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers. The playhouse continues to progress, with the sides of the building going up. The first ‘dragon’ has also arrived on site, along with a large amount of mesh that will be used for rockwork and other theming in the area.