Uncover the the construction of the new B&M Inverted coaster for 2003, Nemesis Inferno, which was known as Project Calypso during development.

8th December 2001

Initial work starts on the site. The area has been fenced off with hazard tape, and preparation has begun for the demolition of the Dino Bumper Boat building.

8th January 2002

The Tropical Travels area has been cleared, and the ride’s channel filled in. The Dino Bumper Boat building has been completely demolished, along with the bridge next to it.

19th January 2002

Continued land clearing and preparation, while the bridge that crossed the footpath has been demolished.

2nd February 2002

Work continues on clearing the area of unwanted earth and debris. Preparation has started for the station and other foundations, giving an idea of the site’s size.

19th February 2002

These photos show the trench for the new access road, which had to be completed for the start of the season. What looked like drainage has also been installed.

11th March 2002

The foundation has been set for the new access road which. Reinforcing bars for footers are now present, and work has started on pouring them. The station and transfer foundations are also being laid.

22nd March 2002

Currently the majority of work is concentrated on the station area. Much like Colossus, advertisements for the ride have gone up around the park, with large banners and signs claiming the ‘world’s greatest coaster experience’.

14th April 2002

Work on the station area continues. Footers have been started for the lift hill and curving first drop.