Codenamed Project Dylan, look back on the construction of the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster for 2009, SAW – The Ride.

10th February 2007

These photos were taken just over a year before any of the others in this construction archive, and show the initial infilling next to Colossus and Samurai. The land required a lengthy period of settlement before it could be built on, hence the very early construction.

16th March 2008

A year on, the site has been expanded and made less of an island. Colossus’ queue line has been cut short, and a new channel added to the outlet flow of Logger’s Leap so the water can reach the lake.

20th April 2008

Pictured here are views of the almost complete infill site. The spit of land that contained Colossus’ queue line has been connected with the new infill, leaving the loop lake isolated from Abbey Lake. Parts of Canada Creek Railway have been temporarily torn up.

23rd June 2008

Views of the finished infill site, which now awaits construction to begin on the ride itself.

16th July 2008

Construction started just a few days prior to these photos. Preparation for the station building is taking shape, more trees are being cleared, and many concrete rings have been delivered which will make up the coaster footings.

28th July 2008

Work continues on the foundations of the station building and preparation for the various footers. A large trench has been dug in the centre of the site.

31st August 2008

Work continues on the ride’s complex foundations – the concrete rings are now being laid to form the various footers.

8th September 2008

Ride parts have now started to be delivered to the site! The aerial views taken from Colossus clearly show the large station foundation in more detail and various other footers around the site – the large foundation being created above the red metal container will be for the lift and drop structure.