Codenamed Project Dylan, take a look back on the construction of the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster for 2009, SAW – The Ride.

10th February 2007

A year before main construction started, the lake next to Colossus and Samurai was partially infilled to create the land for Saw – The Ride. The new land required a lengthy period of settlement before it could be built on, hence the early preparation.

16th March 2008

A year on, the site had been expanded and made less of an island. Colossus had its queue line cut short, and a new channel added to the outlet flow of Logger’s Leap so the water could reach the lake.

20th April 2008

The new infilled land was almost complete. The spit of land that contained the queue line for Colossus had been connected with the new infill, leaving the area of water under the vertical loop isolated from Abbey Lake. A section of the Canada Creek Railway track had been temporarily removed to permit access for construction without damaging it.