Follow the construction of the Intamin Accelerator coaster, Stealth, as it launched into Thorpe Park in time for the 2006 season.

22nd March 2005

Initial construction consisted of land clearing, with the removal of Model world and Flying Fish.

18th May 2005

The site has now been cleared, flattened and prepared with gravel, ready for the installation of ride foundations and footers.

6th July 2005

The majority of the ride’s foundations have now been set in place. Work continues on the footers and the large hydraulic building based at the end of the launch track.

27th July 2005

Pace has picked up with the erection of the station – an identical setup to Rita (which opened at Alton Towers for the 2005 season), including the same control booth and framework for the countdown launch lights. Three photos were taken from Tidal Wave on 26/07/04, and show that most of the concrete footers are now complete.

17th August 2005

Work continues on the ride’s foundations and hydraulic building. Also shown is the Time Lapse camera Thorpe Park installed for marketing purposes.

7th September 2005

Two photos were taken on 05/09/05, and show a view of the station and maintenance building from Tidal Wave. In the other photos, the first piece of track to be placed can be seen, followed by the majority of the launch section in the same day.

9th September 2005

Within a few days, the airtime hill was also fully erected. Supports for the Top Hat can be seen laying on the floor, with them painted to fade to a lighter blue colour.