Delve into the SouthParks archives and uncover some of our best features on both past attractions and the development of new additions to the UK’s southern theme parks.


History of Thorpe Park

Discover Thorpe Park’s evolution over its four decades of operation from what was originally an exhibition style park.


Canada Creek Railway

Step back in time for a trip to Thorpe Farm and the Canadian Rockies.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Revisit the plans, construction, marketing and more of Thorpe Park’s immersive dark ride.



In 2018, Thorpe Park Resort planned to open a 250-room hotel on the former CEMEX Chertsey site, but the development remains unrealised.

Logger’s Leap

Remembering one of the flagship attractions that put Thorpe Park on the map.


Past Rides & Attractions

Remind yourself of what once resided at the resort for some Thorpe Park nostalgia.


Phantom Phantasia / Wicked Witches Haunt

An insight in to the spooky attraction that was sadly destroyed by the fire of July 2000.


Thorpe Farm

Take a look back at Thorpe Farm which provided guests with an opportunity to learn about a traditional 1930’s farm.


History of Chessington

Follow Chessington’s journey from zoological gardens to today’s World of Adventures, dating back almost a century!


Magic Carpet

Flying above the treetops, a look back at Chessington’s first thrilling flat ride.


Rameses Revenge

An exciting Huss Topspin ride which thrilled guests from 1995 until 2019.


Past Rides & Attractions

Remind yourself of what once resided at the resort for some Chessington nostalgia.


Safari Skyway

Following its closure in July 2015, SouthParks took a look back at this classic ride and said a fond farewell to a family favourite.