Thorpe Park Resort as we know it today could have been very different had the following plans come to fruition.

Pirates Chutes Ride (2000)

Tidal Wave was originally envisioned to have a pirates theme to match the newly opened Pirates 4D nearby. Here we have the plans for the elaborate theming that was proposed, plus a look at an alternate entrance utilising the cafe.

Elevator Ride (Shot/Drop Tower) (2001)

Detonator could have been an S&S Combo Tower had these plans not been withdrawn. The plans also show a different proposed location on the site of Model World rather than the eventual site of the former Wicked Witches Haunt dark ride.

Launch Coaster 1 (2002)

Prior to 2002 and set to be the ride to relaunch Thorpe Park, The Tussauds Group had envisioned a very different ride to Colossus. The park set about putting together plans to build a launched B&M sitdown coaster similar to The Incredible Hulk at Universal’s Islands Of Adventure. Here we have a rare glimpse at some of the early plans for this immense thrill ride.

We’ve also included the Colossus plans with an outline of the proposed launch coaster overlaid for a sense of scale.

Launch Coaster 2 (2003)

Before Nemesis Inferno even hit the drawing board, The Tussauds Group had planned a large Vekoma or Premier LIM Launch coaster with a layout similar to Xpress at Walibi Holland and Rock N’ Rollercoaster at Walt Disney World. This attraction would have kept the beloved Mr Rabbits Tropical Travels ride rather than replacing it.