From concept to reality. The following concept art, promotional images and other plans were used to provide an impression of what the relevant attraction would look like before it was built. Which is your favourite?

Even after having a budget cut mid-way through the project, Colossus still extended the dramatic Lost City theme throughout its area. The designer John Wardley gave everyone a preview via a Rollercoaster Tycoon version he made in advance.

Nemesis Inferno was a highly themed addition which mirrored its concept art.

Samurai shown in navy with red restraints, modifications to Rumba Rapids access and new entrance, a new train for Flying Fish, and plans for the Thorpe Park waterfront hotel.

Still looking mighty impressive, Rush did not feature the designs shown below on the structure. Slammer turned out identical, apart from the stripes on the two towers.

Originally known as Project Dylan, the early concept art and plans gave no indication of the Saw movie theme. If the franchise is ever dropped we will still have a suitably themed ride for the area.

Whilst sharing the same theme and design, Stealth’s end product was different. The grandstand was unfortunately cut for a third train, apparently.

Not only did the fantastic theming of Tidal Wave match the great detail put in to the following drawings, it turned out to be one of Tussaud’s best looking rides ever created.