Welcome to the SouthParks Chessington Gallery, where you’ll find our collection of high quality photos from across the resort. You can explore the park by themed area with the links below or by using the navigation menu on the left sidebar.

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Forbidden Kingdom

In this ancient land, adventure deep into the kingdom’s tombs and discover what lies in wait or face the wrath of Rameses and prepare for a soaking!

Land of the Dragons

This mythical domain harbours challenges for adventurers of all ages, but only the brave will dare to attempt to take the dragon’s treasure.

Market Square

Start your journey in the charming Market Square where whichever way you turn you can be sure to head off on an exciting adventure across the park.


Take a trip to this Wild West town where the nearby valley has been overrun with scorpions and a rattlesnake lurks in the old tin mine.

Mystic East

Wise dragon say, you can find inner-peace in this quaint and oriental corner of the resort, as you float along the reed-lined river or gaze down at the park by venturing on high.

Pirates Cove

Shiver me timbers! Get yourself down to Pirates Cove where you can brave the stomach churning Black Buccaneer before riding out the storm on Seastorm.


Swing and soar like a bat through the treetops on the fang-tastic Vampire or discover the foamy fun of Bubbleworks – Transylvania has something for everyone.

Wild Asia

There’s plenty of fun to be had amongst the hustle and bustle of the south-east Asian concrete jungle, but watch out for the bite of the cobra snake if you journey into the wilderness.


Discover some of the greatest creatures on earth by coming face to face with some of Africa’s most magnificent animals including White Rhino, Zebra and Giraffe in Zufari.