Take a drive across an African savannah, dangle above the treetops of a Bavarian forest, and discover animals that you have only seen on the TV before. Chessington is the perfect attraction for children and adults alike.

Market Square

Adventure Point

Start your journey in a charming market square where whichever way you turn will lead to an exciting adventure.

Tomb Blaster

Forbidden Kingdom

Head deep in to an Egyptian tomb in this mythical land from the middle east.

Dragons Fury

Land of the Dragons

This mythical domain harbours challenges for adventurers of all ages, but only the brave will dare to attempt to take the dragon’s treasure.


Land of the Tiger

This oriental land includes an expansive Amur Tiger enclosure that interacts with the walkways and log flume Tiger Rock, which provides riders unparalleled viewing opportunities of the fierce residents.

Scorpion Express


Take a trip to this Wild West town where the nearby valley has been overrun with scorpions and a rattlesnake lurks in the old tin mine.


Pirates’ Cove

Shiver me timbers! Discover Pirates’ Cove where you can brave the stomach churning Black Buccaneer before riding out the waves on Seastorm.


The Rainforest

Ride through the tropics in Jungle Rangers, cruise the rapids in River Rafts, and bounce up and down on Treetop Hoppers.



Discover some of the greatest creatures on earth by coming face to face with Africa’s magnificent animals including White Rhino, Zebra and Giraffe in the Zufari off-road adventure.


Wild Asia

Surrounded by ancient sandstone brickwork, Wild Asia contains an exciting mix of flat rides for all ages, along with the crazy Temple of Mayhem and the enchanting Lorikeet Lagoon walk-through.


Wild Woods

Get up close and personal with the Gruffalo, or swing and soar like a bat through the Bavarian treetops on the fang-tastic Vampire.


Chessington Zoo

Originally opening in 1931, there are a variety of animals to discover in Chessington Zoo, including both land-dwelling mammals and creatures from the oceans.