Surrounded by ancient rustic brickwork, Wild Asia contains an exciting mix of flat rides for all ages, along with the crazy Temple of Mayhem and the always wonderful Lorikeet Lagoon walk-through.

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With larger than life theming, KOBRA stretches along the length of Wild Asia, bookended by two large cobra heads. Sitting atop a bicycle like seat facing outwards on a large disc, riders begin slowly rotating, whilst moving back-and-forth along a track. As momentum along the track builds up, riders cross over a hump-back in the track then into an incline, where it reaches the top and then travels back the way it came, doing so several times. With a top speed of 43mph, this is a thrilling flat ride that combines rotation with a powered roller coaster like track.

Opened: 2010 | Manufacturer: Zamperla | Height Restriction: 1.2m | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? Yes

Monkey Swinger

The rocks appear to rotate on Monkey Swinger, a chair swing ride that is themed to look like the ruins of a building featuring monkey based design motifs. Spinning riders around the central pillar on single seats attached by chains, the ride progresses to a wave like motion. Be careful, as the monkeys have been known to spray guests with water as they pass over them.

Opened: 2010 | Manufacturer: Zierer | Height Restriction: 1.2m | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No