With the the big yellow submarine on-top of Depth Charge, an enormous wave generated by Tidal Wave and the giant tower of Stealth, everything has a humongous presence in this area of the theme park.

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Towering at 205ft, Stealth is visible not only from most areas of the park, but is also one of the first things guests will see when traveling to the park on the surrounding roads. Boasting the world’s 4th fastest launch acceleration of any roller coaster, riders go 0-80mph in just under 2 seconds, with the maintained force of 1.9g forcing them back into their seats during the launch. As the track rises into a 90° climb, riders are exposed to forces of 4.5g, which then reduce as the ride reaches the top and twists left into the top hat, where riders at the front and back of the train can feel significant air-time. Rotating back down into a 90° twist and drop, the return to ground somehow feels slightly more pedestrian than the upward journey, with a brief amount of airtime on the following braking hill, cut short by hard braking to bring the ride back into the station. Whilst the core ride experience only lasts a few seconds, it’s a ride that many will go back to time-and-time again.

Opened: 2006 | Manufacturer: Intamin | Height Restriction: 1.4m* | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? Yes
*There is also a maximum height restriction of 1.96m.

Tidal Wave

Impossible stay even remotely dry on, Tidal Wave is the UK’s wettest ride. Themed around a tidal wave hitting a shipping town, there are many details in the surrounding area that show the devastation, including a shark impaled into a building. Aboard the large flat-bottomed boat, riders climb 85ft then turn around and descend down the long drop to a certain soaking. The wave generated as the boat hits the water can reach 65ft itself, soaking not only the riders, but event spectators or passer-bys on the bridge, path behind, and even the ride exit itself. Thorpe Park actors have also been seen to perform on the bridge, daring the wave to soak them or an unlucky member of their act.

Opened: 2000 | Manufacturer: OD Hopkins | Height Restriction: 1.2m | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? Yes

Storm Surge

A ride type more frequently seen in water parks, Storm Surge has the capability to get riders very wet through it’s hidden water sprays and not-so-hidden final waterfall. Climbing up the lift hill in the inflatable boat can provide a great relaxing experience, whilst being able to get a superb view across the park. Coming back down leads to plenty of spinning, splashes and laughter. Given the boats can have a tendency to be significantly water logged, it is recommended to have flip-flops or sandals on when riding.

Opened: 2011 | Manufacturer: WhiteWater West | Height Restriction: 1.1m* | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? Yes
*Anyone between 1.1m and 1.2m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Depth Charge

Having perhaps taken some inspiration from The Beatles when installed, the giant yellow submarine sat atop Depth Charge highlights the playful summertime feeling of this ride. Climbing four stories, the queue for this ride leads guests to the top of the slide, where they climb aboard one of four rubber dinghies. At the same time, the four dinghies are raised automatically to start their journey down the slide. With two moments of air-time, riders cling on to the sides of their dinghy until they reach the bottom and slide across the braking mat.

Opened: 1991 | Manufacturer: WhiteWater West | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.2m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Flying Fish

Formerly the park’s thrill attraction in the 1990s, Flying Fish is now more frequently ridden by younger riders. Utilising the same powered roller coaster type and track layout as Scorpion Express at Chessington World of Adventures, riders do several laps of the intertwining figure-of-eight layout. In a former life as Space Station Zero, this ride was located in-doors where KFC is now and sported over-the-shoulder restraints.

Opened: 2007 | Manufacturer: Mack Rides | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? No
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Storm in a Teacup

The classic teacups ride, Storm in a Teacup is one of the park’s oldest rides having opened in 1985. Sitting in a giant teacup, guests use the central wheel to spin their teacup freely for the duration of the ride.

Opened: 1985 | Manufacturer: Mack Rides | Height Restriction: 1.1m* | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No
*Anyone between 1.1m and 1.3m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Amity Beach (Seasonal)

It’s only natural for an island to have its own beach, although you perhaps wouldn’t expect to find it in the middle of it! Open during the summer months, younger guests are bound to love splashing about in the waters of Amity Beach. There are also the water slides of Wet Wet Wet for that extra thrill!

Opened: 1989 | Manufacturer: N.V Aquatic | Height Restriction: 1.1m* | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No
*Applies to the blue and green slides of Wet Wet Wet. Anyone under 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Sunken Garden

Situated behind Stealth, the Sunken Garden provides the perfect place to escape from the excitement of the rest of the theme park and take a break from the thrills.