Your gateway to an island like no other! Home to the jawesome Shark Cabins, the central dome area that includes The Island Shop and Infinity Bar & Kitchen, as well as the admissions kiosks and turnstiles.

Rides + Attractions

There are no attractions in this area


Infinity Bar & Kitchen

The Coffee Shack


The Island Shop


Island Help & Information

Island Access Hub

Medical Centre

Lakeview Marquee



Cash Machine


After being admitted through the turnstiles, a bridge connects the car park and theme park. Either side provides a nice view of the thrills that await, and you’ll eventually pass the Thorpe Shark Cabins on your right hand side.

Upper Dome

The Dome is your first port of call in the theme park. If you’re ready for some rides, you can continue straight on through to the perimeter path which provides a great view of your day ahead. The Dome houses a number of facilities such as Infinity Bar & Kitchen, the Resort’s main restaurant, The Island Shop, where you can purchase themed merchandise, and The Coffee Shack, a nice place to relax and unwind.