Containing just a single ride, The Swarm, this area is small and out of the way, yet contains some of the best theming in a UK theme park, with the entire area being themed around the destruction caused by an alien invasion.

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The Swarm

The UK’s only wing coaster, The Swarm is the park’s newest roller coaster, having opened in 2012. Climbing 127ft, the lift-hill gives great views either across the car park and local area on the left side, or across the entire theme park on the right. At the very top, the ride twists slowly 180 degrees to the left, leaving those nearer the front of the train with a fair amount of time to dangle, before gravity pulls the train down the dive drop. Riders then pass underneath the wing of a crashed airliner, into a zero-g roll where a fire engine may burst into flames and then quickly through a billboard and into the on-ride photo section. The ride continues to twist and loop over the main concourse of Swarm Island, before performing an inline twist directly above the station and into the final brake run and gentle journey back to the station. With incredibly large trains giving very different experiences front and back, along with the differences between the left and right side of the train, it is perhaps one of the most re-rideable roller coasters in the UK.

Opened: 2012 | Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard | Height Restriction: 1.4m* | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? Yes
*There is also a maximum height restriction of 1.95m.