A mix and match selection of attractions, The Jungle contains the thrilling roller coaster Nemesis Inferno, the calming Rumba Rapids, and a seasonal additional charge experience, Jungle Escape. Oh, and not to forget the unmissable Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride!

Rides + Attractions


Inferno’s Pizza & Pasta

Wildnerness Bar & Kitchen

The Huntsman’s Arms

Wildnerness Waffles

Sombrero’s Street Food

Burger King


Inferno Shop


Fastrack Sales Desk


Nemesis Inferno

Following hot on the heels of Colossus, Nemesis Inferno was the second high-thrill roller coaster to be built within the space of two years at Thorpe Park. The park’s first Bolliger and Mabillard roller coaster, this inverted coaster draws inspiration from its sister Nemesis at Alton Towers, packing a number of thrilling components within a tight ride area. Starting inside the large active volcano, riders drop out of the station and back into the steaming volcano in a unique pre-lift segment. Climbing 90ft, the ride takes a steep curving drop into a vertical loop, zero-g roll, 180° swooping turn, interlocking corkscrews and a figure of eight double helix. The consistent style around the ride immerses both riders and spectators alike.

Opened: 2003 | Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard | Height Restriction: 1.4m | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? Yes

Rumba Rapids

Having undergone several renames and boat redesigns since its opening in 1987, Rumba Rapids remains a popular family water ride. Whilst being tamer than its original Thunder River form, the ride maintains the ability to soak riders, albeit with less consistency and less frequency than in its earlier days. Seating eight people, the rafts follow a river that has calm stretches, several rapids, a large indoor waterfall and an open wave pool area where boats can knock into each other and overtake. The final wave pool area also provides an excellent view for bystanders, who can watch the excitement of the ride and perhaps an unlucky rider getting soaked after their boat hits the rocks.

Opened: 2002 | Manufacturer: Intamin | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? Yes | Fastrack? Yes
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride

The final remaining reminder of the Thorpe Park Rangers who used to be the park’s mascots, Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride is a swinging ship ride themed around a giant swinging banana. Whilst the Mr Monkey statue that used to sit above the ride itself has been removed, the ride maintains great theming with the surrounding vegetation and the original voice over from Mr Monkey himself. Being one of the park’s more gentle rides, it is popular with younger riders and frequently has little to no queue.

Opened: 1994 | Manufacturer: Metallbau Emmeln | Height Restriction: 0.9m* | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No
*Anyone between 0.9m and 1.2m must be accompanied by someone 16 yrs or over.

Jungle Escape (Seasonal)

Operating seasonally and as an additional charge, Jungle Escape is an actor-led interactive experience that mixes concepts from escape rooms with the character of the Crystal Maze. Tasked with facing The Huntsman’s challenges, two teams are pitted against each other to collect gems in order to escape the jungle. The attraction offers four practical puzzles within two rooms, and concludes with some actor interaction and an exit via the green slide that has existed in this building since it opened as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Maze.

Opened: 2019 | Manufacturer: Merlin Magic Making | Height Restriction: N/A | Ride Photos? No | Fastrack? No